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The Book

The Book

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Learn how to build exceptional relationships, reduce stress and get more out of life.

“Anyone who has to deal with people who can frustrate, aggravate and generally drive you crackers, will appreciate the message that Barnes and Koutsoukis deliver so clearly!” Liam Bartlett - 60 Minutes TV Program

A powerful story to help you understand people's behaviour and boost success and happiness in your work and in life.

  • Do you find that there are some people you get along with straight away?
  • And are there others you find very annoying?
  • And have you ever wondered…Why you CLICK with some people and others drive you CRAZY!?

Most people go through life never fully understanding either themselves or others. When people disagree, act strangely, fail to see the humour, logic, emotion or sense in something that seems obvious, they often ask themselves "What is wrong with them?" This book reveals the secret behind why people behave the way they do through the story of four colourful characters who discover the knowledge and tools that boost success in all aspects of life including:

  • relationships
  • teamwork
  • decision making
  • change management
  • leadership
  • personal productivity
  • career
  • wealth creation
  • friendships
  • partnerships
  • parenting and
  • personal well-being.

Discover the secret for yourself and learn how to build exceptional relationships, so that you suffer less stress and enjoy more success and happiness in your work and in life.

“The practical insights and simple yet effective tools provided by this book will help you leverage diversity to build great teams at both work and at home.” Isikeli Taureka – Country Manager China – Chevron Asia

“I highly recommend this book as a means of boosting your ability to build excellent relationships in all facets of your life." Andrew M. Cannon – Consul De Monaco

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